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Prophet Keith: Olbermann Releases Video Predicting Beck's Demise


"I will be back!"

Keith Olbermann couldn't stay underground for long. Recently, he's been releasing videos on his "FOK News Channel" blog. Many of those videos sound exactly like segments from his old "Countdown" show on MSNBC. And considering he's getting ready to continue that show on Current TV, it makes sense that he'd practice. So what's the best way to practice? Continue the wild rants that made you famous. And there is nothing wilder than predicting the demise of Glenn Beck.

In order to deliver his prediction, Olbermann used the movie "A Face in the Crowd." It's in that film that Olbermann finds his Beck nickname, Lonesome Rhodes. Tommy Christopher over at Mediaite explains the recitation, and also why it may not work:

Then, Olbermann goes into tempting fate mode by reading a long passage from A Face in the Crowd in which Walter Matthau’s character predicts Lonesome Rhodes’ gradual descent into oblivion, and calling it a prediction of Beck’s future. The problem is, the soliloquy could as easily apply to Olbermann. He and Beck are on remarkably similar paths, and Beck arguably has a head start, at least in audience size.

Now, here's the wise sage himself:

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