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Who Hates the GOP More, Maddow or Maher? Let's Let Maher Tell You


"I hate them as much as you do."

So who hates Republicans more, Rachel Maddow or Bill Maher? Or, do you think they hate the GOP about the same? Well, according to Bill Maher, it's the latter -- he admitted it to Maddow on her show last night.

"I hate them as much as you do," he said.

The comments came after discussing AZ Sen. Jon Kyle (R). I'm not sure why Maddow didn't respond directly to the comments. Does she agree? Did she choose to ignore? Or was she laughing so hard she couldn't bring herself to call him out? Watch the excerpt below for yourself:

Here's the entire second half of the interview if you're interested:

Noel Sheppard over at NewsBusters thinks this says a lot about Maddow's "journalistic integrity:"

If Maddow wanted to preserve even the slightest appearance of impartiality and journalistic integrity, instead of laughing like a hyena when Maher said he hates Republicans as much as she does, she would have countered by stating that she just disagrees with conservative viewpoints, but doesn't hold any animosity towards those on the opposite side of the aisle.

If she had even a shred of journalistic sense in her body, Maddow would have made it clear to her audience that she doesn't hate Republicans at all.

Since she didn't, one has to conclude that Maher's right, and not only does Maddow despise a large percentage of the nation, she's also comfortable allowing it to be aired on the very "news network" she's employed by.

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