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Yes, This Girl is Begging for Admission to Harvard in a Homemade Viral Music Video


"On John Harvard's statue I'd never pee."

It's time for high school seniors to decide where they will be going to college come fall. Some have already made their decision. Consequently, some colleges have already created their waitlists. That's what happened to Grace Oberhofer of Washington state. The college that sent her to admissions Purgatory? None other than Harvard.

But young Grace wasn't going to stand idly by as some academic big-wigs decided her educational fate. No. Grace decided that she would use her surprisingly great voice and piano skills to write and perform a viral ode to Harvard, in which she begs to be let in. Here's a sample of the lyrics:

On John Harvard's statue I'd never pee

Harvard I utter my primal scream

Let me in to your community

Harvard please admit


Now here's the video, which Gawker calls "a jokey yet still plainly earnest song:"

Grace is quite the songwriter. Another video posted on YouTube claims to show her original song about Snow White. It sure does sound like her. And minus the large, nerdy glasses, it looks like her too:

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