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Jon Stewart Praises Bill O'Reilly for Coming Out Against Birthers



Jon Stewart gave Bill O'Reilly a "tip of the yarmulke" last night. And that doesn't happen too often. Why? Because as Stewart put it, O'Reilly threw the public a rope to get out of the crazy birther hole.

During a segment on the birthers -- which Stewart said includes Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann -- Stewart hailed O'Reilly as a voice of reason. Readers might remember that earlier in the week, O'Reilly spent an entire segment debunking various Obama rumors, including that he wasn't born in this country. It was that move that forced Stewart to give O'Reilly a round of applause.

"Impressive O'Reilly action," he said. But don't worry, Stewart isn't at risk of becoming a token liberal conservative. Before the end of the segment he made sure to take a jab at conservatives who think there is a "war on Christmas." Watch below, courtesy of Mediaite:

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