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Ratings Game Confirmed? Aide Says Trump to Make Prez-Themed Announcement on 'Apprentice' Finale


"many will snicker"

This photo provided by NBC shows Donald Trump of the reality television series "The Apprentice" in New York, Thursday, May 19, 2005. Trump selected Kendra Todd as his first female "Apprentice". (AP Photo/NBC Universal, Virginia Sherwood)

Since the beginning of Donald Trump's incessant birther talk, daily media appearances, and flirting with a 2012 presidential run, many have speculated that it was all a ploy to boost ratings for his NBC show "Celebrity Apprentice." Well, the latest news today will do nothing to stifle that speculation. According to a Trump aide, The Donald will make an announcement about his presidential intentions during the show's finale in May.

CNN reports:

On the final episode of the popular TV reality show, Trump "plans to give an announcement date" for his decision on whether he'll make a formal bid for the Republican presidential nomination, senior Trump adviser Michael Cohen confirms to CNN.

The season finale of "Celebrity Apprentice" airs May 15. In numerous interviews with CNN and other organizations, Trump has said he'll make a decision on a White House bid by June.

According to Newsmax, the announcement will be about a press conference a few days later:

If you wonder whether Donald Trump is serious about running for president, tune in to the finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on May 15.

Trump plans to say on the NBC show that he will be holding a press conference a few days after the May 15th show. At that press conference in the Trump Tower in New York, Trump will be announcing his candidacy for the presidency.

Even if Trump decides to run for president, this all still seems like a media ploy. Doug Mataconis of the site Outside the Beltway writes:

Of course, the cynical among us will say that leaks like this fit in perfectly with the theory that Trump’s flirtation with Presidential politics is really all about boosting his own brand, and the ratings of his television show. That certainly is a plausible theory.

But Ronald Kessler isn't convinced:

Even then, many will snicker that it’s all a publicity stunt. But that defies the facts and common sense.

Of all the people on the planet, Donald Trump is the last person who needs more publicity. And if he is riding a groundswell of support, why would he—or anyone else—decide not to run?

Since writing the first story in January to report that Trump will definitely run, I have been amazed at how much the idea of a Trump presidency is catching on across the political spectrum. As I wrote in my story, Don’t Underestimate Donald Trump for President, he can be outrageous and boastful. But when it comes to a successful run at the presidency, don’t count him out.

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