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Still Fat': Neil Cavuto Mocks Boehner's 10-Yr Debt Plan With Absurd 10-Yr Fitness Plan


"Uh. Wanna set your goals a little bit higher than that, Neil?"

John Boehner on his debt plan:

Today the House will vote on the largest non-defense spending cut in our nation’s history – $315 billion dollars over the next 10 years. These are real cuts, and a signal to job creators that we’re serious about stopping Washington’s spending binge.

On his show today, Fox News' Neil Cavuto called out the sepia-colored Speaker of the House on these so-called "real cuts."

Cavuto: "By the way we're not even cutting the debt, we're cutting the growth in the debt. That would be like me announcing a ten year fitness plan whereby I promise this: I will keep my weight gain to no more than ten pound a year rather than the 15 pounds I've been averaging. After a decade, I'm still a house, just not as big a house as I could have been. Still fat."

To show how bogus a 10-year fitness plan is, Cavuto went to a trainer. He asked her if she has any 1o-year fitness plans for him. She responded: "Uh. Wanna set your goals a little bit higher than that, Neil?" The expression on his face says it all:

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