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Fu***ng Brat!' Protester Screams Profanity at 14-Year-Old Tea Party Speaker


"Do your homework you spoiled little brat!"

You've already seen how leftist protesters responded during the National Anthem at Saturday's Tea Party rally in Madison, WI. Now you can see how they responded during a 14-year-old girl's speech during that same event. Not only did they continue yelling and making noise, but this guy screamed "Fu**ing brat!" and told her to go home while making some nice hand gestures:

Ann Althouse captured more reaction to the girl's speech -- reaction that included booing after she said "God bless America:"

The young girl is reportedly Tricia Willoughby, a homeschooler who's a "veteran" of the Tea Party. You can watch her entire speech below:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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