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Texas Radio Talker Wants A Schumer Apology, Threatens New York Boycott


"Politics, not merit, was behind the decision to give the shuttle orbiter to New York..."

Houston, Texas is home to thousands of people who have worked for NASA and have been a vital part of the fifty-three year history of the American Space program. But the Johnson Space Center in suburban Houston will not be receiving one of the four retiring space shuttles for it's substantial collection of space memorabilia.

That news did not make the people of Houston very happy.  One Texas politician says this fight is not over and is talking about legislation to change where the coveted space shuttles will be sent.

Rubbing salt into this wound was NY Senator Chuck Schumer, who decided to gloat about his state's win. The Senator could not resist insulting Texans;

And now Texas has responded.

Houston radio host Michael Berry would like an apology from Senator Schumer. Berry's on-air statement;

'Politics, not merit, was behind the decision to give the shuttle orbiter to New York — rather than its rightful home in Houston.  For Senator Schumer to insult Houston and, in the process, dismiss the service of tens of thousands of hard-working Americans to our space program over the last 50 years is an outrage.  If the man had any decency, he would apologize.'

That apology is probably not happening, so Mr. Berry is encouraging his audience to send a message to Senator Schumer by boycotting New York.

You can watch President Obama address the space-shuttle snub story in our Blaze video here.

Stay Tuned.

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