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I've been working to bring you some updates from across the country as Beck listeners/Blaze readers embarked on a flash mob of kindness today.  We've had an amazing number of responses from people willing to share their selfless stories with us and have tried to bring you a sample of them (see here, here, here, here and here).

In this the final update on today's flash mobs, I want to congratulate everyone for making a positive difference in numerous American towns and cities today.

Gandhi once said, "be the change you wish to see in the world."  I commend all of you for doing just that -- taking time to think of others and for setting such a positive example for others to follow.  I'm so very proud of you all.

Keep it up!


Norine from Virginia writes about her community's "small but mighty" flash mob:

Four members of Peninsula Tea Party, part of the Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots gathered at LINK of Hampton Roads, Newport News VA. It is a interfaith program and from their website "LINK of Hampton Roads is a non-profit volunteer organization which exists to help people help themselves, through education, direct services, advocacy and outreach programs."

We showed up, were able to give them a touch of help carrying others donations into the center, introduced ourselves as teapartiers, and donated about 10 bags of foodstufs, some bagged with notes of well wishes from the Peninsula Tea Party. There were smiles all around, and they seemed somewhat stunned about us being there. We left with blessings for all there. Felt great and we are planning bigger and better future events.

As the LINK website quotes:

"Our most basic common link, is that we all inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children's futures, and we are all mortal."  -President John F. Kennedy


Jackie M. remembers the importance of family:

When I first heard about Flash Mob of Kindness I knew my family and I had to do something.  I told my husband, my kids and my step-kids all about it and they were just as excited as I was.  My daughter and I enlisted the help of Facebook and created an event to spread the word and get some ideas.  We saw a huge response from our family and friends.  Everybody wanted to participate or help in some way.  Some people started donation boxes at their work and others chose to help somebody they knew.

On Thursday April 21 my daughter, step-daughter, son-in-law, and 3 grandkids set out to deliver our baskets of food and toiletries.  My family chose to help 2 members of our family who were going though a real rough patch.  The first was an Uncle who has a history of helping everybody in the family with anything they need, but recently has fell on hard times and can barely help himself and second an Aunt who has battled many demons her entire life and is now trying to get back on her feet.  We prepared a third basket and delivered it to a local food pantry.

We hope to go out again for another Flash Mob day soon and hand out the items still being collected from our family and friends.

Thank you for getting us in the spirit!


Russel from Texas shares his random act of kindness with his kids:

Today I did something small to break out of my paralysis of inaction.  I'm a long time listener and reader of Glenn and avid reader of The Blaze.  I've recently been laid off and have been searching for a new job for several weeks but that is not the subject of my note.

Today I sought out an organized "flashmob of kindness" in my local area and came up empty via Freedom Connector.  Nevertheless, I decided today that my kids would benefit from the experience of giving to others less fortunate because it was the right thing to do.

I initially hesitated emailing this account to The Blaze as I really do not want to seek any credit or exchange as a result.  However,  I think you need to know that you have "reached" your audience in a meaningful way.  Additionally, I was inspired by Glenn's challenge about being visible and wanted to take some positive action in the wake of the mountain of vitriol and hate speech that has been dominating the internet and MSM.   I really think the left wing liberals have truly stepped up their attack frequency and depravity to a level that is not what I've personally gone to war to defend.  I am a proud Veteran and Reserve Navy CDR.

Today my kids (Daughter -12 & son-10) were on Easter break and when they asked me what we were going to do today on their day "off" I stated simply that we were going to deliver a full Easter dinner to at least four families in our town that were in need.   To my surprise and delight my daughter, Katherine, suggested a church run food bank that her school had made a previous donation over Christmas.   My son, Brian dove into the pantry to search for appropriate items to donate to the dinner.    With a gorgeous sun beaming in the window beckoning my kids to run and play outside with their friends, my children made me very proud with their enthusiasm for this random decree from dad.  I take more grief from them to clean their rooms every day, but this activity they immediately got behind and helped me make happen.

We went shopping for the ham and other items on our list and I've never had so much help with the groceries as I did today.  We bagged up the four meals of spiral ham, potatoes, pineapples, carrots, rolls, apple pie and colored Easter eggs into four large grocery bags and headed off to the church food bank.   We found the bank volunteers prepping donations for delivery to over 110 families served by their ministry.  Our modest contribution was received with much gratitude and thanks.  We left with a sense of accomplishment, but also with a sense of sadness that there are people in our great country that have come to rely on the kindness of strangers for their next meal.

I spent the rest of the drive home engaged in a deep discussion with my two loving children about what more we could do to help those that could use a hand up rather than a hand out.    It was a wonderful teaching moment on the power of citizens helping other citizens vs. what the current administration is trying to fundamentally and permanently convert our country into a more dependent welfare and entitlement state.

What we did today, I pray, will be a small seed that grows into a tradition of charity and giving.  That is the example I want my kids to grow up with.

What we did today was a small step towards helping reclaim the American dream back for my children.

Thank you Glenn for your truth and unwavering love of country.  Thank you to the Blaze for the vital work you have performed since beginning this year.  I am humbled by the love exhibited by Mercury Radio Arts.  I look forward to the next chapter for Glenn and Co.

God bless you all.  Happy Easter.


Deborah from Oregon proves every little bit helps:

I went to a car wash and paid for 3 more car washes. The young man who waited on me was very pleased and said that the recipients will be grateful and that all the years he had worked there he never had seen anyone do this. I was very glad and excited about the response. I then challenged a few of my friends to do something for someone as well.


Christine from Wisconsin gets creative on campus:

I went down by the University of Wisconsin Madison (I work in Madison - yes THAT Madison) with a roll of quarters and used it on parking meters that were about to expire or had just expired. Seemed like an inexpensive way to help many people save money on potential parking tickets or tow fees.


Alex in Oregon lends a hand despite his own struggles:

I am assistant chair to Yamhill County 9/12 and AFP here in Oregon. I am 31 years old and struggle to support my wife, two kids, a cat, and a dog. I lost my job last year. Had to sell about 90% of our stuff. We now cohabitate with my brother-in-law where we also home school our kids.

With that said, I felt I could really connect with those in tight economic situations. I really wanted to help and at the same time get the word out about our organization and get others involved. Short on cash (as usual) I was only able to buy 2 bags of groceries myself, but I wanted more to give. So last night I, along with my son and one of his neighbor friends, grabbed a wheelbarrow and went door to door filling it up with food.  PTL!!  [Praise the Lord]

Anyway, I did my best to organize a flash mob. Utilizing Facebook, Freedom Connector, our 9/12 mailing list, and word of mouth, I managed to get a handful of people... with trunks full of groceries! In each bag we added a small Constitution book, 9/12 info, and AFP sign up card.

We met in the parking lot of our local Department of Human Services. The building had two sets of doors. One set went to the where the unemployed were looking for work- building resumes, getting advice, browsing jobs, learning skills. The other door was to the desk where people applied for food stamps. Our choice was obvious. Encouraging those working hard to find work just made sense.

I brought my son (today is his 13th birthday) along and he snapped photos, opened doors, and helped carry bags. The staff there were a bit worried about our group and called the manager because they didn't know if we were breaking any rules.  HA! HA!

Well, there wasn't many people there, and we still had bags to give. So we drove down the road to Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, a free health clinic. There were many more people there. We gave to all we could there. Some could not speak English, but kindness needs no spoken language.

In both places we gave words of encouragement, listened to their struggles, prayed, and shed tears of joy. It was AMAZING!

Alex also notes that his work through a temp agency will soon end and he'll be looking for another job.  "I WILL NOT GIVE UP. IT WILL GET BETTER," he writes.


Greg from Georgia writes:

I went to the Georgia Department of Labor this morning before work. Unfortunately I was the only one there at the time and when I tried to give a bag of groceries to a perspective job hunter, they smiled and thanked me saying "We aren't quite there yet" but they were kind enough not to get upset.

I did go to the Department of Family Children Services (DFCS) where I was more successful, after approaching a young fellow who brought his mother for food stamps. I asked him if he could use some groceries, he gladly accepted them. I did manage to leave the rest of the groceries at the DFCS office who would make sure they would get to a family who needed them.

The story would have been over from there but on my way to the car, the young fellow I gave the groceries to approached me and told me again "Thank you, I'm a new Christian but I've been overwhelmed by the what He's been doing for me, all in a good way! Just thank you!" and he shook my hand.

Sometimes we never think that the smallest actions have any impact. All I can say is, knowing that I made a difference in someone's life, sure was an amazing start to my day.

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