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Brutal Beating: Attackers Tattoo 'Rapest' on Oklahoma Man's Forehead, Shock His Genitals With Stun Gun


"Why is this happening to me?"

DEL CITY, Okla. (AP) -- An Oklahoma man who suffers from learning disabilities says attackers held him down, tattooed the word "RAPEST" on his forehead and shocked his genitals with a stun gun.

Eighteen-year-old Stetson Johnson said Wednesday that tattoos were forcibly placed on his forehead and chest, and he was beaten unconscious with a baseball bat in the April 17 attack.

Two men and two women were taken into custody but have not been formally charged. A judge has denied bail.

Del City police spokesman Jody Suit says the attackers told authorities they were trying to punish Johnson after one of the women accused him of trying to have sex with her. Johnson denies that, and Suit says there's no evidence to support it.

Johnson has since tattooed over the word on his forehead.

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