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Carney Has Testy Exchange With Reporter: 'You Can Ask' But I'm Not Giving More Details



It's unclear who the reporter is that drew the ire of Press Secretary Jay Carney during today's White House press briefing, but the fact is she did.

The female reporter seemed confused as to why the administration, after spending two days giving details about the OBL mission and clarifying, all the sudden decided to become evasive and tight-lipped. And when she kept pressing Carney on that point, he eventually raised his voice slightly and told her that while she can keep asking questions of clarification, he won't be answering:

To be fair, the reporter was just as testy and frustrated as Carney. But if you watched the whole press conference, you got the feeling that Carny entered the room on the defensive and ready to do battle. His demeanor during the whole thing was smug, cocky, and condescending. At one point, he even bent over the podium, placed his elbows on the top, and carried himself like a lecturing professor.

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