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Re: Obama will not release photos

Perhaps its best the Obama White House not release any photos of bin Laden's dead body. There are lots of people in the Middle East who probably wouldn't like us if we did that.

Oh, wait...

To not show the photos implies that we are ashamed of what we did to bin Laden.  Are you ashamed of it?  Because I certainly am not.

"Imagine how the American people would react if al-Qaeda killed one of our troops...and put photos of the body on the internet," Rep. Mike Rogers reportedly said.  Now stop imagining and click over to the world wide web where al-Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups routinely post gruesome photos and videos of beheadings and worse.  Furthermore, is an American congressman really comparing the deaths of American troops and Osama bin Laden?

Additionally, Obama did ok the release of photos of dead Americans... remember?

The release of these photos was about much more than just confirming OBL's death.  It was about sending a message -- letting the American people know our decade-long mission has not been for naught, and showing bin Laden's followers that the USA ain't messing around. Further, the public has a right and desire to see the images and it's not the president's role to protect us from potentially offensive things.

Having looked at the photos himself, President Obama says "there is no doubt we killed Osama bin-Laden." I'm sure this sentiment will go much farther in convincing any doubters than a photo ever would.

I think the best explanation for not releasing the photos actually comes from J.P. Freire:

Closing question: will releasing OBL pics become Donald Trump's next campaign rally cry?

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