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Michael Moore Says Bin Laden 'Executed,' Not Killed: 'He Won

Michael Moore Says Bin Laden 'Executed,' Not Killed: 'He Won

"We gave up our right."

Michael Moore is back at it.  This time, his target is the Obama administration.  According to Mediaite, the infamous filmmaker doesn't believe the majority of the details surrounding Osama bin Laden's capture.

In an interview with The Wrap, Moore said:

“Common sense tells you [bin Laden] was executed. That was the plan all along. Just tell us that and quit treating us like children."

Aside from his insinuation that the U.S. planned to execute bin Laden "all along," Moore made it clear that he believes that the terrorist leader should have been put on trial.  In his interview with The Wrap, Moore said:

Look at the Nuremberg Trials. We didn’t just pop a bullet in the heads of the worst scum in history. We thought it was important to put them on trial and expose their evil. In a democracy we believe in a system of justice and we believe in a judicial system that gives people a day in court...and then we hung them.

Apparently, bin Laden deserved his "day in court."

Below, a snapshot of Moore's Tweets provides further insight.  Moore claims that the Pakistani government held bin Laden at the location  (he refers to the compound as the Pakistani version of West Point) intentionally to "stop him [from] any more terror."  Moore goes on to claim that bin Laden "[probably] f-ed up & started planning something."

As a result of this alleged terror plot, Moore believes that the Pakistanis essentially gave up on the mass murderer and "turned the other way."  This, in Moore's view, opened the door to U.S. action last week.  Huh?

When referring to bin Laden in an earlier Tweet, Moore wrote, "He may be dead, but in a way, he won. We gave up our rights. We passed a PatriotAct. We spent trillions on needless wars. Fear now rules us."

Apparently, increased safety measures that secure American freedoms count for nothing.  While it defies logic, in Moore's eyes bin Laden has been victorious.

Tonight, Americans will have an opportunity to see Michael Moore unleash more of his views on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.

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