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Incredible: Chilean Rides Motorcycle Off a 3000-Foot Cliff in Andes


Rode the bike off of a ramp.

Julio Munoz, Chilean daredevil, accomplished an incredible feat when he rode his motorcycle off of a 3300-foot cliff in the Andes mountains. Munoz free-fell 3000 feet before opening his parachute and landing safely. His bike, meanwhile, crashed into pieces.

Sky News:

Daredevil Julio Munoz raced towards a specially prepared ramp at full tilt, hit the middle of it, and soared off the 3,300ft cliff in the Andes mountain range.

Discarding his bike, which crashed into the rocks below, he only opened his parachute 200ft from the ground and landed safely.

The 37-year-old had been planning the stunt - which took place in the Loma Rabona region of Chile and cost $100,000 - for three years.

Watch his breathtaking stunt:

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