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New Poll: Obama's 'Bin Laden Bounce' Will Vanish Soon


"Almost three in five likely voters think the 'bin Laden bounce' will vanish within three months..."

When news hit last week that the president had ordered the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, many pundits thought that it meant the end of the 2012 election. In short, with bin Laden's death under his belt, it was a given that the president would win reelection. And his approval numbers did jump. But according to a new poll, many think that will be short-lived.

"Most voters believe the popularity boost President Obama has received following the killing of Osama bin Laden will disappear quickly,"

a new poll from The Hill says.

"Almost three in five likely voters think the 'bin Laden bounce' will vanish within three months, the poll indicates. Only one in four believes that Obama will still be benefitting in six months’ time."

That could be good news for Republicans who are gearing up for the 2012 election. Especially considering that some polls had Obama's approval numbers jumping anywhere from six to 11 points.

According to the Hill, that may be because many Americans feel the likelihood of another terrorist attack has increased.

"The Hill poll found that 40 percent of all likely voters believe bin Laden’s demise makes a terrorist attack against the United States more probable, while 36 percent assert it is unlikely to make a difference," The Hill's poll says. "Only 14 percent believe it makes such an attack less likely."

And finally, more good news for Republicans: despite Obama's party affiliation, the Hill's voters still view the GOP as the party of national security.

"When likely voters were asked which party they most trust to keep the nation safe from terrorism," the poll says, "45 percent favored the GOP over 39 percent for the Democrats."

Read more poll results here.

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