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Driver Survives After Being Impaled by Metal Pole Straight Through Head


The pole entered his mouth, exiting the back of his head.

File this one under oh my god.

Last year Andrew Linn, of Nevada, crashed his car into a fence and was struck in the mouth by a metal pole that went right through the back of his neck. Surprisingly, he’s alive to talk about it.

Linn doesn’t remember much of anything about the crash. The accident happened on November 29.

“You can see on my nose it came in here, went through and came out the back here,” said Linn, looking over an x-ray.

Linn saw that x-ray for the first time Tuesday morning.

“The hardest thing has been opening the mouth and learning how to eat and swallow. Drinking is really difficult.”

Linn says he probably fell asleep when he crashed his car after getting a late-night snack.

Linn passed between two utility polls, crossed the street and jumped the curb before hitting a trailer in a neighbor’s yard.

Dr. Jay Coates, who performed the surgery, says had the pole struck Linn a few centimeters in either direction, he would have bled to death.

Via Jalopnik:

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