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Meet Arnold's baby mama


TMZ reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress had a baby shower for their love child and some of the governator's staff were on hand to celebrate. Here is the very preggo Mildred "Patsy" Baena, the apparent apple of Arnold's eye:

On this morning's radio show, Glenn was flabbergasted: How could Arnold have cheated on Maria Shriver with this lady in a muumuu?! A visual comparison bouncing around in his ADD-riddled mind also led Glenn to declare that Arnold's children inherited "Kennedy teeth."

So what else do we know about Ms. Baena?  What attracted Schwarzenegger to her? Pictures posted on MySpace offer some clues. (h/t Daily Mail)

She enjoys holiday-themed cookie jars...

Enjoys long walks on the beach...

And has large... er, assets:

And while it took a few years to dig up President Obama's birth certificate, TMZ already has their hands on the Schwarzenegger-Baena birth record.

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