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Do you suffer from 'FBD' - Facebook Depression?


Please add one more 'disease' to the growing list of unreal diseases and syndromes. FBD - Facebook Depression.

For those of you who have not heard about Facebook Depression, it is the condition that strikes teens who believe everyone else has a cooler life, based on what they see on Facebook.

I know what you are thinking. How could a nation as great as America be plagued by something awful like FBD?  What causes it? What are the symptoms?

  • Kids are apparently feeling substandard because they don't get enough "LIKES" on the videos they posted of the Spanish teacher tripping in the hall. 'Whaaaa.'

  • Or maybe they were "unfriended' by the cool kid.

  • And God forbid if someone you did not like or someone geeky were to 'poke' you!

Portland's Newschannel 8 is reporting that Facebook Depression (or FBD and I like to call it) is already gaining credibility and getting validation from the medical community;

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns of a new problem called "Facebook Depression." It results from being bombarded with friend tallies, status updates, and photos of people happy, having the time of their lives, when you are not.

So, let me get this straight... Kids are seeing other kids (on Facebook) being happier than they are... and they feel inferior... here comes the depression train. How is this different from feelings teens have experienced since  um, oh I don't know, since forever?

I laughed when the media reported that cases of 'Nintendo Thumb' were popping up everywhere, just months after the Gameboy craze took root. At least that was an actual physical problem that was easily identified and diagnosed... (If your thumb hurts because you've been on the Gameboy all day, PUT IT DOWN. Problem solved.)

FBD is gaining traction on TV and from doctors. The CBS Early Show has already done at least one segment on the 'problem.' Any day now, I expect FOX or MTV to enlist Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to record FBD public service announcements on the topic.

For those who don't believe this is a real story - watch and be amazed.

Incredible. Just incredible.

Now, where did I put my 'Restless Leg Syndrome' pills?

H/T to Drudge Report

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