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Ed Schultz offends on radio, gets suspended from TV?


Following the insulting rant targeting Laura Ingraham that Ed Schultz made on his RADIO show on Tuesday, MSNBC has suspended 'Big Eddie' from his television show for a week, without pay. That is a substantial fine and an indicator that the cable network may be serious about toning down the rhetoric on opinion-based programs. Last night Ed Schultz announced the suspension in the opening of the show, and apologized to Laura Ingraham, as well as to MSNBC, the viewers, and his family.

Initially I thought... well, actions DO have consequences, even at MSNBC.  While it will be wonderfully sweet for those of us who monitor MSNBC to have a Schultz-free week on TV, I cannot help but wonder -- what is his radio syndicator thinking? After all, Ed committed the offense on radio and not TV.

The Ed Schultz Show on radio is syndicated by Dial Global Radio. As of this morning (Thursday 5-26-11), there was not a word about the Laura Ingraham situation on the Dial Global website, just the slogan 'America's New Mainstream.\

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