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Hate the Jew, Hate the Capitalist:' Glenn Explains Why Defending Israel Is So Important


"The destruction of Israel is the destruction of the West."

On Radio today, Glenn Beck lamented world silence as hatred for the Jews seems to again be rearing its ugly head. During an almost 14-minute monologue, Beck detailed some odd circumstances that have contributed to the sentiment, from recent Obama actions to the rise of a new Egyptian Nazi Party.

Glennbeck.com explains:

According to the Jerusalem Post, a group of political activists have ‘announced plans to set up a local version of the Nazi party.’ One would think that this story, the latest evidence that the Arab Spring is rife with anti-semitic sentiment, would turn some heads here in America. After all, we claim to be the biggest supporter and ally of Israel, despite recent comments made by The President. Why are we ignoring old hatreds?

"The destruction of Israel is the destruction of the West," Beck explained. "Hate the Jew, hate the capitalist, take them both out.”

Listen to Beck's passionate thoughts below, which include why he believes defending Israel is so important:

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