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TSA threatens to shut down Texas air traffic


The Lone Star state is taking steps to protect air passengers from invasive searches and pat-downs, but the TSA is fighting back, reportedly threatening to cancel all flights out of Texas if the "groping" bill is passed:

The Transportation Security Administration was not happy when the bill was passed in the Texas House of Representatives, blogging in response that Texas is barred by the U.S. Constitution from regulating the federal government.

On Tuesday, the bill was set to be voted on in the Senate. This called for more of a response than a simple blog post. Federal government officials descended on the Capitol to hand out a letter (embedded below) from the Texas U.S. Attorney letting senators know that if they passed the bill, the TSA would probably have to cancel all flights out of Texas. As much as they love their state, the idea of shutting down airports and trapping people in Texas was scary enough to get legislators to reconsider their support for the groping bill…

Click here to see the letter

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