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Key to education success: prioritizing investments?


It's no secret: the U.S. public school system needs an adjustment. Just recently, the United States average education rankings fell to "average" according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Additionally, American students' scores in reading, science and math have dropped to 14th, 17th and 25th place (out of 34) in each subject area respectively. As the amount of money poured into the system increases, test scores continue to drop. But is throwing more money at the problem really going to solve anything?

Upside Politics' Giles Whiting makes the case for "Investing Smarter" to get better results.  He writes:

In spite of widespread acknowledgement of education’s importance for our future, we’re struggling to make significant improvements. Why? We have focused too much on the direct inputs to schools – students and teachers/staff – and not enough on other dynamics that are related to those inputs. This is not to say that these areas and their associated metrics are not important – they are very important. However, an exclusive focus on figures such as funds per student, or teacher headcount, ignores other vital dynamics ranging from socioeconomic factors to the parent-student relationship. ...

What kind of dynamics?  Namely four, he argues:

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