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See an Australian Politician Lash Out After She is 'Meowed' At During Hearing


"It's schoolyard politics."

Have you ever been "meowed" at? You know, like a cat? Has anyone ever made that noise to you -- especially if you're a woman -- when you bicker, or make a strong statement? Well, Australian Labor senator Penny Wong was meowed at by a male colleague recently, and she didn't take real kindly to it.

Wong, who is also a cabinet member because of her dual position as the Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation, was speaking at a recent hearing when she was interrupted by opposition Senator David Bushby. When Wong sternly said Bushby should let her finish, Bushby meowed -- like a cat. And Wong had enough:

While Bushby originally tried to defend his remarks, he eventually issued a full apology after members of both parties decried his actions.

"Quite clearly my reaction to Senator Wong was in the heat of a very robust debate," he said according to The Telegraph.

"My reaction clearly caused offence to Senator Wong and I have unreservedly apologised to her for that and she has accepted that apology."

(via Gawker)

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