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West Point Cadet Sues Patti LaBelle's Bodyguards For Beatdown


"...viciously beaten by LaBelle’s bodyguards for accidentally standing too close to her luggage."

A West Point cadet is suing over injuries he received during Spring Break. But these were not the typical injuries one usually associates with college kids and Spring Break. Cadet Richard King was not hurt partying with his pals. The young cadet was beaten in the parking lot of Houston's Bush International Airport, by Patti LaBelle's bodyguards. He alleges that the bodyguards attacked him because he was standing too close to Ms. LaBelle's luggage. They bodyguards tell a different story. And the Airport Security cameras offer an unvarnished replay of the event.

From our friends at KTRH News Radio in Houston;

A West Point cadet from Houston has filed a lawsuit against Patti LaBelle, her bodyguards and Bush Intercontinental Airport.  He claims that he was viciously beaten by the LaBelle’s bodyguards for accidentally standing too close to her luggage.

The lawsuit was filed this week by cadet Richard King who claims he was seriously injured by the singer’s bodyguards after returning to Houston for spring break on March 11, 2011.


After the initial attack, King’s lawsuit alleges the two bodyguards came back, with a third, and began punching and shoving him until he fell and hit the back of his head on a concrete pillar.

The airport security video captures the beating here, as well as showing Ms. LaBelle posing for photos with police and security officers as Cadet King was being treated by EMS.

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages, and Cadet King's status at West Point has changed significantly since the incident;

His attorney John Raley says his client has been suspended from West Point as a result of the IAH event and placed in a "mentorship" program which will require active-duty status of at least a year.

H/T to KTRH News Radio

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