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Investor Jim Rogers Blasts 'Clowns in Washington' During Beck Interview


"coming sooner rather than later”

Yesterday we brought you a clip of legendary investor Jim Rogers making some grim remarks on CNBC. Mainly, he said the U.S. is headed for a financial crises worse than '08, the Yuan will be more secure than the dollar, and Bernanke will institute QE3. That's some incredible stuff.

It just so happens that Rogers also was a guest on Glenn Beck's TV program last night and continued saying some amazing things. For example:

“You would think that those clowns in Washington would read one history book and see what happens when people get into this kind of situation. Nobody ever has gotten out of this kind of situation without a crisis or a semi-crisis. Now, the crisis, or the semi-crisis, is coming sooner rather than later.”

Get that comment, and more, below:

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