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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Believes Sarah Palin Wants Obama To Be Re-Elected…Huh, What?


Yesterday, as the 24,000 plus emails from then-Governor (and VP candidate) Sarah Palin were being released to the public, MSNBC's 'Palin Obsession' shifted into a higher (and more bizarre) gear.

On last night's edition of 'Hardball', host Chris Matthews asked Michael Isikoff (NBC's Chief Investigative Correspondent) and MSNBC Political Analyst David Korn to update the country on what they have found in the Palin emails.  Isikoff responds;

Throughout this segment, both Michael Isikoff and David Korn seem to be saying, there are no real surprises in the emails, no scandals, no bombshells.

Without a concrete issue to attack, Matthews and his minions change the argument from substance to the subjective, disparaging Sarah Palin's intellect and alleging that her 'One Nation' bus tour was only done to service her ego. Mr. Matthews (with an assist from David Korn) closed this discussion by veering into the far Left lane on the reality highway, stating their beliefs that Sarah Palin is not running for President in 2012.

Delivered as a throw-away line, Matthews ends the piece with his speculation that Sarah Palin wants to keep Obama as President, so she can remain the 'Leader of the Opposition."

(The clip is different from the one above, the still frame is just the same.)

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