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Update: Scientists Release Depressing News in Search for 'God Particle'


"Still too early to get excited, I'm afraid."

A depiction of the the particle may look like.

In April, we reported that scientists may have finally found the "God particle" -- the hypothetical Higgs boson at the center of life. Back then, by using a giant atom smasher, there were rumors of a major discovery. Scientists scrambled to duplicate the experiment to get confirmation. But alas, confirmation never came.

Foxnews.com reports:

The quest for the elusive Higgs boson seemed over in April, when an unexpected result from an atom smasher seemed to herald the discovery of the famous particle -- the last unproven piece of the physics puzzle and one of the great mysteries scientists face today.

Researchers were cautious, however, warning that it would take months to verify the finding.

Their caution was wise.

Scientists with the Tevatron particle accelerator at Chicago's Fermilab facility just released the results of a months-long effort by the lab's brightest minds to confirm the finding. What did they find? Nothing.

"We do not see the signal," Dmitri Denisov, staff scientist at Fermilab, told FoxNews.com. "If it existed, we would see it. But when we look at our data, we basically see nothing."

"At this point I'd say the chances are 50/50 for the Higgs to exist at all," he added.

And there are many others who are skeptical, too.

"Still too early to get excited, I'm afraid ... I think this story will reach a  conclusion at the main summer conferences this year -- end of July. By then, the LHC experiments will have analyzed enough data to be able to say something," James Gilies, a spokesman for CERN, the agency that operates the LHC atom smasher, told FoxNews.com.

"I had known from the start. It could not be a Higgs, and it can't be anything else either," Tommaso Dorigo, an experimental particle physicist who works with both atom smashers, told FoxNews.com. Denisov agreed.

"It was never the way the Higgs boson was supposed decay. It was something completely different. It wasn't even obtained by the group that was hunting for the Higgs!" he added.

The search for God, or at least his particle, continues.

(Read the full story at Foxnews.com)

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