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Updated - The Super-Collider & The 'God Particle' Explained

A depiction of the the particle may look like.

The LHC (the Large Hadron Collider) may have accomplished one of its major goals.

The geek blogosphere is ablaze with rumors that scientists at the 17 mile, underground supercollider busily smashing atoms, may have seen evidence that the Higgs exists!  The 'Higgs' refers to a sub-atomic particle known as the Higgs boson, allegedly the one particle that gives mass to all other particles, hence the term, the 'God Particle.'

Scratching your head and wondering 'what in the world is this God Particle?' Dr. Michio Kaku provides a two-minute particle physics class;

An if your head is now spinning due to the mere mention of String Theory and particle physics, perhaps this song can help you understand the basics. (my science pals claim this is accurate)

(H/T to the The Daily Mail for their faithful coverage of the LHC.)

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