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Laugh or Cry? Video Shows D.C. Tourists Can't Answer Basic Civics Questions


"I don't know any of this stuff."

Yesterday we published a depressing story showing that just 13 percent of high school seniors showed solid academic performance in American history. Today, it seems we are seeing the effects of such poor performance.

This week, the folks over at MRC TV took a camera to the White House and decided to see how well some tourists would do if they were asked some basic civics questions. And the results were horrendous:

You would think that the quintessential symbol of the American political system, the White House, would attract tourists who are knowledgeable or at least interested in or curious about American politics.

You would be wrong.


The results were, in a word, depressing.

Get some Kleenex people.  Because this is going to make you weep for your country, or laugh until you cry.

Who's Joe Biden? No clue. Who's the Speaker of the House? That one guy. Name one Supreme Court Justice? Hmmmm.

Get ready to put your head to your hand:

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