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Limbaugh Launches Own Line of Conservative...Iced Tea


"You're not gonna want to return this. You're gonna want to chug it."

Rush Limbaugh has a reach that extends to many political circles. In fact, his daily reach into America's homes, cars, and workplaces is unquestioned, as he hosts the country's number one radio show. But now, he's reaching into your refrigerator.

On radio today, Rush announced a new product that may be somewhat unexpected: conservative iced tea. What can be expected, however, is that the drinks have a clever name: Two if By Tea. Fox Nation explains:

After teasing it for a few days, Rush Limbaugh made a major announcement on his show this afternoon. He’s launching “Two If By Tea,” what he calls “the best” sweet tea you’ll ever drink. A picture of “Rush Revere” adorns the bottle, “sounding the warning the liberals are coming.”

“We are doing this for the single reason that we love tea, and we want to share it with you,” Rush explained.

“The shrink wrap is a work of art,” Rush said, “you’ll save it…along with the bottles.”

Part of the profits will go to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

The bottles are only available in packs of 12, and you'll have to purchase them direct from Rush -- so no worry about fighting over it at the grocery store.

A quick glance at the Two if By Tea website shows your options:

Watch Rush make the announcement on radio today (via Daily Rushbo):

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