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Olbermann Refuses to Say He 'Lost' to Bill O'Reilly During Colbert Interview


"Has it been painful to live with the knowledge that Bill O'Reilly won?"

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is getting ready to launch his old new show on Current TV this month. That means he's starting to make the media rounds to peddle himself. And that means he landed on the "Colbert Report" with Stephen Colbert last night. And boy did�Colbert let him have it. Especially when it came to Bill O'Reilly.

Mediaite explains:

Colbert spent the interview relentlessly mocking Olbermann for his follies at MSNBC, calling him �insane,� and insisting he admit that he �lost to Bill O�Reilly.� Olbermann, of course, did nothing of the sort.

After reminding Olbermann of what cameras were and which ones to look into, Colbert began his interview asking what Olbermann had been up to (�being an executive,� he replied gleefully) and how gut-wrenching the past few months had been. �Has it been painful to live with the knowledge that Bill O�Reilly won?� Colbert asked, to which Olbermann refused to answer. Reminding him that claiming to be the �comeback kid� implies that you lost,� Colbert insisted until asking directly, �are you man enough to admit you lost?� �No, of course not,� Olbermann replied.

Of course, Colbert usually mocks his guests, so it's not as if Olbermann got special treatment. But it's still worth watching how it unfolded:

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