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Dramatic Vid Shows Woman's Fall After Jumping on Beer-Robbers' Getaway Car


"I just assumed that any normal human being [with] someone on their car's not going to pull off."

Robbers had no idea what they were in for when Monique Lawless (yes, that's her real last name) spotted them stealing cases of beer from a Texas Wal-Mart. When the men exited the store with the goods, Lawless ran after them and jumped on their car to prevent them from escaping.

Lawless thought her actions would stop the men, but she was wrong. Dramatic video shows her falling off of the car as they quickly sped away. While the woman came away with minor injuries, she defends her strong stance against the robbers. But, she claims she probably wouldn't jump on a car to thwart such a petty crime next time around.

Watch the incident unfold, below:

(h/t FOX News Insider)

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