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What pilots see as they approach Offutt AFB in Nebraska


Offutt Air Force Base (home of the 55th Wing - aka 'The Fighting Fifty-Fifth') is just south of Omaha, NE on Hwy 75. As pilots approach the landing strip from the north, they are greeted with a special message from a local soybean farmer.

The message is carved into the field.  It may be difficult to read at this distance, but when the plane gets closer to the runway, the words become quite easy to read.

According to several reports, the farmer uses a GPS system to direct him as he cuts the letters for the words.

A quick check of the Internet myth-busting site Snopes.com has confirmed that this is not a scam.

Additionally, Google Maps displays a new message that was snapped some time earlier this year.

So who is the patriot person behind this mile-long Thank You note?  The Air Force found out.

Two fields are used to communicate these thank you notes. One is located at the intersection of US Highway 75 and Nebraska Highway 370 and the other is located at Ft. Crook Road east of Offutt. Both fields belong to local farmers who allow Chris Shotten to show his appreciation to Offutt's population.

Shotten and about a dozen volunteers from the Superstore where he works, gather in the fields and using 500 stakes and 3,500 pounds of flour, they spell out the message.

How does the Air Force feel about it?

"Team Offutt is grateful to Mr. Shotten for his 'thank you' message," said Brig. Gen. Donald Bacon, 55th Wing commander. "Our aircrews see this every day. This being my family's third assignment to Offutt, I find this very indicative of how this wonderful Bellevue community makes our military members feel welcome."
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