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Why is Chris Christie Hugging MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski?


"Eat your heart out America."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was in New York City today making the rounds on the morning shows. After he stopped at "Fox and Friends" to talk about his reforms in New Jersey and his heated exchange recently with a parent over his choice to send his kids to private school, he headed over to MSNBC's "Morning Joe." There, his appearance ended when he gave often-contentious host Mika Brzezinski a hug. Say what?

The embrace came at the end of a long 15-minute interview, and after the segment started with Mika wondering out loud if the blunt governor is "huggable." The answer, apparently, is "yes he is:"

Christie's response of “Eat your heart out America" may be a debatable phrase among conservatives considering Mika's seeming contempt for conservatives and their principles.

You can watch the full interview below. In it, Christie discusses how people confuse bluntness with inflexibility, how the two aren't "mutually exclusive," his now-infamous school exchange, and how Obama is "failing" on the debt issue:

You can also watch both clips from his interview with Fox, in which he discuses who might be catching his eye for the 2012 GOP nomination:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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