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Video: DREAM Act supporters storm the RNC


Here's video of another loud, obnoxious and unproductive demonstration by pro-amnesty activists and supporters of the so-called DREAM Act.

What makes this particular protest so special? The group stormed into the lobby of the Republican National Committee in Washington, DC. According to the video's YouTube description, the protestors demanded to speak with Republican chairman Reince Priebus and camped out in the building until a staff member from the RNC agreed to meet with them.  (h/t Right Scoop)

Warning: The protesters are extremely loud. Make sure the volume on your speakers is turned down.

Dear young revolutionaries,

I realize that none of you have probably ever had a job, but this is most definitely not the way civilized people act in an office setting.  Please come back when you have something constructive to say and can do so using your "indoor voice."

Many thanks.

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