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Grunts Too Loud? Internet Device to Control Wimbledon Tennis Shrieks


"Record-breaking screams often exceed 100 decibels."

All tennis fans have had that moment when we hear a blood-curdling scream come from the tennis court and ask: Is that really necessary?

Well, Wimbledon is finally taking steps to alleviate this irritation for those listening to tennis's greatest tournament via internet from the comfort of their homes. The Daily Mail is reporting:

"As a result of complaints about ear-piercing screams, the BBC has produced a noise-reduction programme called Wimbledon Net Mix, which allows internet users to turn down howling and increase commentary volume.

Wimbledon bosses have also admitted that the grunting of top tennis stars like Maria Sharapova, whose record-breaking screams often exceed 100 decibels, do make millions unhappy and want it reduced."

To get a sense of what we are talking about, check out this clip of Maria Sharapova, queen of the grunters:

Is it about power and performance? Or just a nasty habit on the women's side of professional tennis? You be the judge, but here is a brilliant point with Nadal and Federer... No grunts.

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