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Immigration Protestors Storm the RNC Headquarters, Demand GOP Policy Changes


"Education, not deportation!"

Wednesday, the Republican National Committee headquarters was under siege, as pro-amnesty proponents stormed in and demanded that the GOP dramatically alter its immigration policies (Meredith Jessup also covered this on the blog last night). The group held signs and chanted fervently, screaming, "Education, not deportation!" and "What do you want? Freedom! When do you want it? Now!"

RightScoop noted something interesting on the chanters' signs:

I love how they dropped the word ‘illegal’ from their signs. We’ve never had a problem with legal immigrants, just the illegal ones. But don’t tell that to the open borders crowd on the left. We are citizens of the world!

Gateway Pundit then quipped, "The left still doesn’t understand the difference between 'illegal' and 'legal' immigrant," and noted that the protestors also told Republicans to, "Stop attacking immigrants." Watch the chaos for yourself, below:

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