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Can Jesus Christ Really Be Seen on a North Carolina Telephone Pole?


It isn't all that rare to hear people claim to see Jesus' image in bizarre places -- on grilled cheese, embedded on pieces of sheet metal, etc. So, the claim that Christ can be seen on a telephone pole in Kinston, North Carolina isn't all that shocking.  The Riverfront Times has more:

Kudzu, known as the "vine that ate the South," is an invasive weed that has become the bane of conservationists from Florida to Missouri. When confronted by the vine, most people will do whatever it takes to kill the plant before it swallows their entire property under a blanket of leaves and shoots.

But what to do when the kudzu in question resembles Christ on the cross? That's what residence in Kinston, North Carolina, are pondering this week when a godly patch of kudzu was discovered growing on a telephone pole.

Typically, the local telephone company would likely spray the weed with herbicide, but some in the community may object. One woman claims that the display serves as a reminder of her faith.

Divine or just a coincidence? You decide. Watch the below report for more:

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