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Monday morning must-reads


Signs of recovery? Pawn shops & payday lenders are hot tickets

Unemployment among veterans reaches 13.3%

Scariest jobs chart ever just got even scarier

Hawaii adopts Obama-style tax on the rich

Paul Ryan accuser won't talk

U.S. must borrow another $5,240 per household to fund gov't... through September

Eric Holder plans crackdown on "racist" banks

Sarah Palin: "I can win"

Poll: Michele Bachmann overtakes Mitt Romney in Iowa?

Bachmann: What "constitutional conservatism" means to me

Thad McCotter: A long shot to keep an eye on

Westboro Baptists target Betty Ford

Club for Growth encourages GOP to "show some spine" in debt talks:

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Virginia teachers arrested for 'inappropriate contact' with students, police say

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