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Glenn goes to Gaza

Photo Credit: FILE

In case you missed it, Glenn continued his visit to Israel today with a trek into Gaza -- probably not the safest place for a pro-Israel American media personality, but whatevs.

Despite the danger, he came away with an amazing experience and a pretty unique memento:

The small town Glenn visited has had about 8,000 rockets hit it in the past few years, and Glenn was gifted one to take with him.

GLENN: I was given a rocket. It was nice. Not everybody gets a rocket.

PAT: So you got a Kasam rocket that was shot yesterday.

GLENN: Yesterday. Yeah, it landed yesterday.

Yeahhhh.... good luck trying to sneak your jihadist souvenir past Customs on your way home, Glenn!

“Now, you want to talk about courage. People said to me originally: Why are you doing Restoring Courage, what are you planning on restoring to the Israelis, I don’t plan on restoring anything to the Israelis, they get it,” Glenn said.

“Enough is enough,” he continued. “If somebody was launching missiles into our country, we wouldn’t be silent. Enough is enough.”

Click here for more information about how you can stand with Israel this summer.

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