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NBC Issues Formal Apology to Congress for 'Under God' Edit


"The employees involved have been reprimanded."

NBC has issued a formal apology to members of Congress for editing out the words "under God" from a patriotic Pledge of Allegiance montage that aired during the network's June 19 coverage of the U.S. Open.

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In a letter to 107 congressman, Kyle McSlarrow, president of NBC Universal, explained that the decision was not made by the company, but rather by a small group of people who have since been reprimanded.

"[A] serious error in judgment was made by a small group of people," McSlarrow said in the letter. "To be absolutely clear, this was not an ideological decision by the company and was not discussed with or approved by any senior NBC official."

He added, "The employees involved have been reprimanded. And we have already implemented a new checks and balances process for pre-produced pieces, ensuring that nothing will go on the air without senior-level approval."

McSlarrow's apology was in response to a letter signed by 107 members of Congress who wrote to NBC complaining about its editorial decision. The montage from last month edited out the phrase "under God" not once, but twice.

You can watch the original broadcast below:

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