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Want to See the World's Only Turbine-Powered Batmobile?


But where's Robin?

Casey Putsch certainly has something to be proud of. The auto restoration genius has completed a real-life Batmobile. The vehicle, which looks about as awesome as it does in the movies, is powered by "...a Boeing turbine engine from a decommissioned military helicopter." Putsch's web site has more:

Putsch Racing has taken on an lofty design exercise to create and build the world’s only turbine powered Batmobile. Taking the the fantasy of the 1989  original and making it reality is just the start, but there is one catch, no movie sound effects or audio overlays.

Below, watch him take the super-vehicle for a test drive:

According to Engadget, Putsch also put an iPad in the dashboard (to track GPS coordinates and to serve as an avionics system). Here's another clip in which you get a good look at the iPad and dash:

Putsch redesigns and repurposes cars for a living, so this vehicle was put together and powered with the utmost knowledge and care. Check out the auto-magician's other work here.

(h/a Engadget)

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