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The best iPhone 4 advertisement I've ever seen


The best potential advertisement for the iPhone 4 comes not from the highly paid Apple geniuses in Cupertino, Calif., but from the true story of Jarrod McKinney, a skydiver whose iPhone withstood a 13,500 foot free-fall from his pocket mid-jump.  CNN reports:

He found the gadget, its glass surfaces shattered, on top of a building about a half-mile away from where he landed with his parachute.

Joe Johnson, a skydiving instructor, said he and a few friends watched from the ground below the two-story building as McKinney raised the phone above his head in triumph after he located it using a GPS tracking app.

Just to be funny, Johnson decided to call the busted phone.  He didn't expect the call to go through. But it did.

McKinney felt the phone vibrate and started laughing.

"They were all like, 'It works! It works!'" he said of his friends watching his rooftop search from the bottom of the building.

McKinney reportedly plans to get the screen fixed and to continue using the otherwise unharmed phone.

For the record, this is what your phone will look like if you hurl it out of an airplane at 14,000 feet (via CNN):

Thankfully, McKinney's phone didn't land on anyone -- the phone may be able to survive the fall, but an unsuspecting pedestrian likely wouldn't.

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