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Topless Ukranian Protesters Roughed Up by Alleged Authorities in Kiev


"A local journalist is reported to have been injured during the dispersal."

What were a group of topless, Ukranian protesters doing prancing around in Kiev? Demonstrating against the recent detainment of three Georgian photographers accused of spying, of course.

But the demonstration quickly turned from head-turning to nearly head-slapping after an alleged embassy employee got upset with some of those gathered and tried to force them to disperse. Russia Today describes what happened in the description of its YouTube video:

Half-naked political activists have been brutally dispersed by an embassy employee while protesting in Kiev in support of Georgian photo journalists accused of espionage. A local journalist is reported to have been injured during the dispersal. A group of girls from the Ukrainian FEMEN movement gathered in front of the Georgian embassy in Kiev on Monday, holding huge fake cameras and posters saying "No pictures -- no democracy!" During the protest, which was meant as part of an international campaign backing the Georgian photo journalists recently arrested on espionage charges, a man emerged from the embassy and attacked first the topless activists, and then one of the journalists who was taking photos of the event. The attacker turned out to be one of the embassy employees. The correspondent, from the local Kommentarii newspaper, Aleksandr Yamkovoy, was injured as the embassy employee hit him hard on the head. He was taken to hospital.

You can see for yourself below. All the necessary body parts have been blurred out:

The irony in all this? One of the accused photographers has already admitted to being a spy.

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