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Friend: Teen Killer Said the Devil Made Him Bludgeon Parents


While hosting a house party with his parents' dead bodies locked in a bedroom, 17-year-old Tyler Hadley allegedly confessed to a friend that ecstasy and being possessed by the devil made him hammer his parents to death:

TCPalm.com reports:

"Mandell said Tyler told him he thought 'the devil possessed him.' He said the Hadleys were having financial problems and, according to Mandell, that along with rap music and fights with his parents influenced his actions.

Mandell said Tyler Hadley had taken the drug ecstasy.

'After he told me, I didn't believe him because he's been my best friend forever. I would never suspect anything like this,' Mandell said. 'I was looking around, he told me if I look enough I could see signs. I looked on the floor and could see signs of blood.'"

As reported by The Blaze, police believe the Florida teen killed his parents Blake and Mary-Joe Hadley this past Saturday, using a 22-inch hammer as his murder weapon. After committing the heinous act, Tyler posted on Facebook he was having a house party. Around 50 guests showed up and stayed over till about 3:00 a.m., unaware that the home's owners laid dead in a locked bedroom.

Investigators were tipped off that something odd was afoot, and arrived at the home at about 4:20 a.m. Sunday where they discovered the bodies.

Michael Mandell, Tyler's neighbor and best friend since they met each other at age 8, was in shock when his friend pulled him aside to tell him the occasion for Saturday's party.

Tyler with best friend after confessing to bludgeoning parents"'I feel like this kid that I've known all my life, I don't know him,' Mandell said. 'His family was my family. They were very good people. I really don't see any motive besides drugs.

'He took three ecstasy pills before he did this. He said he couldn't do it sober.'

Mandell said at the party he took a picture with Tyler after Tyler said he thought it would be the last time they'd see each other.

'You could see the horror in his face,' Mandell said. 'That's not normal Tyler.'

Mandell said he stayed at the party until it was nearly over.

'He was going to commit suicide once he got caught, but that failed,' Mandell said."

Mandell claims that he was not the anonymous tip that lead police to the Hadley home. As a minor, Hadley will not face the death penalty even though he is being charged for the two counts of first-dgree murder as an adult.

He is likely to serve a maximum sentence of life in prison if found guilty.

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