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Jeb Bush on 2012 'Never Say Never


On the interview cycle when leaving Washington and again after releasing "Decision Points," former President George W. Bush routinely made the point that he would not allow himself to re-enter the national political dialogue, or "swamp" as he referred to it.

All the while advocating for his younger brother to run for President in 2012.

After every interview, the big brother's suggestion would make headlines followed by a regurgitated and not too believeable statement from little brother Jeb claiming that he was incurious about any Presidential campaign with his name on the ticket in 2012. Now as many Republicans push for George W. Bush's Austin successor Rick Perry to make a run for President, little brother Jeb spoke with Sean Hannity Friday saying not to indefinitely count him out of 2012.

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Jeb's comments on Hannity come the day after his son, George P. Bush, adovocated his father's candidacy in an interview with the Daily Caller.

Coincidence? Or is Jeb testing the waters?

In early 2011 there was heavy speculation from some that the stars could be aligned for Jeb to make a serious 2012 run. Bush's recent comments on Hannity have commentators once again speculating on how the two-term, bilingual governor of the crucial Sunshine State could play his hand in 2012.

How do you think Jeb would fair in the 2012 Republican field? Does a "Bush fatigue" exist in the electorate both nationally and within the GOP that would block Jeb on surname grounds alone? Is he simply not on par with the other GOP contenders in the current field?

Or, is Jeb the conventional conservative candidate with cross-over appeal from a not too distant, and electorally successful (1998-2006), GOP past.

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