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Guess Who Is the Most Popular TV News Host/Anchor on Facebook (Hint: Not Olbermann)


If you're a popular personality on MSNBC, you're actually not all that well "liked" on Facebook. Business Insider published a list of the 16 most popular cable news anchors Monday and not a single slot went to anyone on the progressive MSNBC.

The list was created by simply looking at how many Facebook users clicked "like" on the TV personalities' fan pages. Though he doesn't exactly qualify since he ended his TV gig on Fox News last month, conservative commentator Glenn Beck took the top spot as the most popular with over 2 million Facebook fans. Fox News' Sean Hannity came in a distant second with almost 800,000 fans.

Here's the complete list (special thanks to

  1. Glenn Beck, formerly of-Fox News Channel, 2,030,119
  2. Sean Hannity, Fox News Channel, 794,438
  3. Nancy Grace, HLN, 786,117
  4. Anderson Cooper, CNN, 576,164
  5. Bill O’Reilly, Fox News Channel, 455,785
  6. Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN, 96,033
  7. Fareed Zakaria, CNN, 79,864
  8. Richelle Carey, HLN, 71,448
  9. Joy Behar, HLN, 57,565
  10. Drew Pinsky, HLN, 52,508
  11. Piers Morgan, CNN, 49,077
  12. Greta Van Susteren, Fox News Channel, 43,581
  13. Mike Galanos, HLN, 36,924
  14. Shepard Smith, Fox News Channel, 36,892
  15. Christi Paul, HLN, 32,281
  16. Soledad O’Brien, CNN, 27,177

The list doesn't reflect actual viewership, as Fox News typically dominates the competition, but it may be an indicator as to how engaged each personality's  audience is in regards to social media.

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