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72-Year-Old West Virginia Man Unleashes Pistol, Then Shotgun on Home Invasion Thugs


“I don't think they thought he was as tough as he was."

All was quiet this past Saturday at noontime in Menuard Frazier's home in Wayne County, West Virginia, until three armed criminals invaded his house, tied him up, robbed and then threatened to kill him.

WSAZ News reports that Frazier is 72 years old and diminutive, standing at only 5'5, but after hearing what happened next, his daughter said of him, 'I don't think they thought he was as tough as he was.'

Beaten, bruised and tied up with a sheet over his head, Frazier managed to crawl into his kitchen, get his hands on a butcher knife, and cut himself free of the rubber tubing used to tie him up.

He immediately went for his 9mm pistol, and ran out to his porch. Frazier was able to catch the robbers coming out of his son's house next door- which they had also just robbed.

The thugs began shooting at Frazier, apparently with weapons they had stolen from his son's home. Frazier returned fire with the 9mm, but when his assailants ran for their pickup truck, Frazier decided to send a stronger message.

He quickly kitted up with an 1100 autoloader shotgun, then fired off multiple salvos from his long gun right into the back of the high-tailing pickup.

Police are still looking for the home invasion suspects, as well as a pickup truck possibly full of holes.

(h/t Business Insider)

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