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Ohhh': Jay Carney Draws Press Corps' Ire During Testy Exchange With Fox Reporter


"some of you...cut out early"

It seems the nation isn't the only thing that's hot.

Press Secretary Jay Carney entered into a testy exchange with new Fox White House reporter Ed Henry on Tuesday afternoon, after Henry pressed Carney on why the president hasn't submitted his own debt plan, and why he went on primetime TV on Monday to blast some of the proposals out there without submitting one of his own.

Carney clearly wasn't happy with being challenged, accusing Henry of spewing Republican talking points (a serious charge from a sitting press secretary to a journalist of a major network). But Henry wouldn't back down, and when he didn't, Carney got personal, accusing several journalists in the room of skipping out "early" on Friday, and blaming them for not being informed.

As soon as the words darted out of Carney's mouth, a loud chorus of "OOOOOOs" and "OHHHHHs" could be heard throughout the briefing room, and Henry can be seen cracking a smile. But even after that, the back-and-forth continued. You can watch below:

White House reporter Tommy Christopher notes that Henry's question was his first as a representative of Fox since leaving CNN.

What a way to start.

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