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Ed Schultz: Martha MacCallum Shows 'How Dumb Some of Those Fox Anchors Really Are


"Got on board with a brand-new right-wing talking point."

Two months after MSNBC gave host Ed Schultz a one-week suspension for calling conservative commentator Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut," Schultz targeted another member of the media Tuesday, this time saying Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum is an "example of how dumb some of these Fox anchors really are."

Calling MacCallum a "Fox straight news anchor and Gretchen Carlson-wannabe" during the "Psycho Talk" segment of his program, Schultz played a clip of her talking about the amount of checks the government sends out each month and how if that weren't the case the country could manage the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without being in such dire fiscal shape.

Saying MacCallum "got on board with a brand-new right-wing talking point," Schultz said many of the checks the government writes go to veterans and the elderly, "but Martha would rather use that money on the war."

"This is just another example of how dumb some of those Fox anchors really are," he said:

(h/t Mediaite)

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